The World Handicap System will come into force on 2nd November 2020.  The pages below will give some information on the system that you may wish to retain for future reference.

1- What is the WHS (A4 Poster)

2 -Why has the WHS been created (A4 Poster)

3 -How does the WHS work (A4 Poster)

4 – Course Rating (A4 Poster)

5 – Slope Rating (A4 Poster)

6 – Handicap Index (A4 Poster)

7- Course and Slope Rating Table

8 – Course Handicap (A4 Poster)

9 – Easy As HCP (A4 Poster)

10 – Playing Handicap (A4 Poster)

11 – Playing-Handicap-Allowances-Table-Resource

12 – General Play & Competition Rounds (A4 Poster)