To all Members and friends of PGC.  We all know and appreciate how dangerous Coronavirus (Covid-19) has become.  May we take this opportunity to send everyone our sincere wishes and hope that we all manage to escape this terrible Virus by due care and adhering to the advice presently being given.  Let us hope for a speedy return to golf in the near future.  All we ask is that you keep checking the website.  The Secretary is keeping members in the loop which is very much appreciated.  The Treasurer and Membership Secretaries are also receiving Membership fees (see below) but will not be posting Members Handbooks at this time due to the possibility of spreading the virus.  No doubt fixtures will change.  That’s it folks.  Take Care.

Reg (Mr Captain) & Lily (Lady Captain)


PLEASE NOTE: This is the Pennington Golf Club website, if you are not a club member and would like information about the course or would like to book a tee time, please contact the course direct on 01942 682852 or CLICK HERE

Also please note that Pennington Golf Club has no control over the maintenance of the course.  Any complaints about its condition should be addressed to the shop staff.

All Pennington Golf Club members can now sign up to the clubs competition and junior sessions online CLICK HERE

(The draw for the competitions will be made 3 days prior to the competition start)

Lady Captain’s (Imaginary) Drive-In – 1st April 2020

Lady Captain’s Drive-in on Wednesday 1st April was purely imaginary at this time of Covid-19.  Her imaginary Drive from the summer tee on the 1st sailed over the brook and landed about two yards short of the summer green.  The grass being short after being recently mowed, the ball bounced on the hard dry surface and onto the front of the green.  It then rolled up, missing the flag by inches and finished up a yard past the hole.  Lady Captain imagined that she walked up to the ball and after marking it picked the ball up and gave it a brief wipe to clean off the remaining moisture.  There was no mud on the ball in this imaginary play!  Lady Captain then sank the put for a first Eagle of the day.  Well played Lady Captain.  What an imagination!


Although the Course is closed and there is no Golf, unfortunately the Club STILL needs your membership fees.  We have to pay an ‘Affiliation Fee’ to England Golf and Lancashire Union of Golf Clubs for every member at the end of April.  Also you need to pay your fees to remain a member of the Club and retain your Handicap.  You can pay your fees directly into the Club’s bank account.  If you would like the account details please let Brian Lythgoe or Tony Tomblin know and they will E-mail you the details.  Thank you.  Handbooks will not be posted at this time due to the possibility of spreading the virus.


ALL Ladies Competitions have been cancelled, including the Winter Outing and Lady Captain’s Drive-In.  If any Ladies wish to play ‘Social Golf’ they should arrange a game with another person (Lady or man).  There will be NO Ladies Competitions until further notice.  WATCH THIS SPACE!


In accordance with current Government advice, the Captains’ Presentation and Social Evening is CANCELLED.  Currently the President’s Presentation and Social Evening is under review – dependant on the status of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Pennington Golf Course

Work has been going on at Pennington.  Some of the fairways have had a first cut with the tractor-mower.  Paul & Julie Jordan have had a walk around and have sent the following photos.  Hopefully these are not the end of the mowing! Click on the image to enlarge (opens in new window)

9th fairway towards green

1st fairway over bridge looking towards green


Currently the Captain’s Day out at Ellesmere Golf Club on 26th June is going ahead, with no limitations.  This may change according to Government advice and Ellesmere Golf Club.


Check out this ‘Fly-By’ of the Course, filmed by Dave Churchill from his drone!  Thanks Dave.

Click on this link:  FLY-BY